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Danish Firm Envisions Pop Up Hotels to Fill Vacant Office Space

Posted on June 17, 2013 ยท Posted in Startups

Put yourself in the shoes of a big building landlord in Manhattan and let’s assume you just had eight stories vacated by a financial tenant who decided to downsize and move to Jersey City. With fewer and fewer big block tenants on the market, leasing the space that was left behind might take years, so what do you do for cash flow?

Danish design firm PinkCloud believes they have an answer, an answer so good it won 1st Prize for Radical Innovations in Hospitality.

Pop Up Hotels

NYC Pop Up Hotel

The idea is simple and based upon two important factors shaping the city’s economy. The first is that New York City tourism is near record levels and the second is that stagnant vacancy rates are leaving some landlords with perpetually vacant space. The pop up hotel would aim to take advantage of both rather than let thousands of square feet of usable space sit vacant.

Hotel components would be shipped in sections on flatbed trucks in color coded, RFID tracked modules that would allow landlords to easily transform an entire vacant floor into a fully functioning hotel within days. While there would be issues (permits, licensing, etc …) I think this idea isn’t to be forgotten about like a concept car or nouveau way to trek to the stars. However one must remember, there is no shortage of hotels in Manhattan … in fact two massive ones are being built right now in Midtown South.

Pop Up Components

Pop up Lobby

Photo credit: Pinkcloud.dk