Manhattan Medical Office Space for Rent.

Manhattan is home to some of the country’s top hospitals as well as 1.6 million residents who need a variety of medical services. Finding medical office space in Manhattan can be a tough task especially since most doctors have little free time to browse property listings and follow up with landlords to see if they allow medical use. Furthermore, if you find space how do you know you’re getting a competitive rate and a lease that won’t end up costing you in the years to come?

Free Medical Office Locating and Lease Negotiation Services

That’s why Synergy Real Estate Group is the perfect solution for busy medical professionals. We’ve worked with medical practices ranging from dental clinics to cosmetic surgery centers to identify and negotiate for space and the best part about our services is that they are provided free of charge to clients.

Our tenant reps understand that medical professionals have hectic schedules and our goal is to make the process as smooth as possible. Our team can generate property reports based on your criteria, schedule tours for selected sites and manage the lease negotiation process with the overall goal being the best location for the best price.

Request a free report for available space today. There is no obligation and we keep all client information strictly confidential.

Simply let us know what you are looking for in terms of:

– Location
– Budget
– # of rooms for exams, private offices, reception, filing
– Whether you need to be close to other medical centers and hospitals
– Any equipment requirements